Ode to an Anthem 7?

October 8th, 2008 + 10:10 AM  ·  DismalPerception

been debating with myself whether or not to upload this...honestly it sounds great on my good speakers, but muddy on my small laptop speakers...worked around with compression and eq stuff...I realized I had forgotten to mix in the overheads, room, and pzm mikes...I probably shouldn't have tried mixing this right now, I'm just getting over strep throat (overdid it last weekend) so I think maybe my ears might be a little off.  let me know what ya'll think

Need some help/advice/input

October 5th, 2008 + 7:10 AM  ·  DismalPerception

This is a tune I'm working on, I'm having some trouble with the bridge.  If anyone has any ideas please comment.  This isn't a "mix" or anything, it's still something I am composing, so please don't comment on the mix, I need help or input on the composition, specifically the bridge at 3:52.  This has been bugging me, and I'm not really sure what I want to happen.  Anything anyone has to say is welcomed and appreciated!

Begin To Pray

September 30th, 2008 + 10:09 AM  ·  DismalPerception

one of my favoriter songs...although the vox during the first verse and chorus bother me...second vs/chorus sound better, I think it's cause my voice was a little more warmed up... also this is not really mixed, and everything is just about as dry as you can get it. basic mix from the producer.
let me know what you guys think

Fallen From On High

September 29th, 2008 + 8:09 PM  ·  DismalPerception

Another one of my songs, this one recorded in studio.  It's only a rough mix (no real effects or EQ) let me know what you think.  Started out as an acoustic song, then quickly became this big progressive monster.
Just a warning, it starts out kinda slow, and then builds up, so try to listen through as much as you can, this isn't meant to be a radio friendly single!!!


Ode mix 4

September 28th, 2008 + 4:09 AM  ·  DismalPerception

so I remixed everything and dabbled a little with panning some of the tracks...I tested the track on this computer's speakers, it definitely sounds better! at least to me.  I probably won't mess with this TOO much more I'll let my producer do that when I can get into a real studio, lol.  let me know what y'all think, I think the drums still sound a little loud, but hopefully not quite as harsh as the first track.
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